The Economic Impact of Valentine’s Day

As part of its new series highlighting the economic contributions of New Jersey’s businesses, NJPRO is pleased to share the economic impact of Valentine’s Day. It’s anticipated that more than $19.7 billion will be spent nationwide, and New Jersey’s vineyards, candy stores and florists are ready with wine, chocolates and red roses for the holiday.

Did you know the Garden State is a major producer of grapes? Less known than blueberries or tomatoes but since the 1880’s, a powerhouse. In fact, in 1869, Dr. Thomas B. Welch founded the Welch’s Grape Juice Company in Vineland, New Jersey. More than 40 varieties of grapes are grown in New Jersey’s vineyards and the State’s 45 wineries annually produce approximately 1.5 million gallons of wine, ranking 7th in production in the United States.

Over 130 candy and nut stores contribute more than $9 million in annual sales to the economy, and 1,700 florists are available to take your Valentine’s Day orders.

And, New Jerseyan’’s will not have to go far for a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway. In 2015, OpenTable ranked Atlantic City as the “Most Romantic City in America”

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