NJ Stats: LPL Research Retirement Index Grades by State

Overall Grade State Financial (35%) Healthcare (20%) Housing (15%) Community/Quality of Life (10%) Employment and Education (10%) Wellness (10%)
A Virgina A C C A B C
A South Dakota A C C B C C
A Minnesota B B D B B B
A Wyoming A D C A C C
A Wisconsin B B C B C C
B Delaware B B C D B C
B Iowa B C C A C C
B Missouri B C A C C D
B Nebraska B C C A C C
B Tennessee A C B C D F
B Utah B D C B B A
B New Hampshire C B C C A B
B Idaho B F B A C C
B Kansas C C B C B C
C District of Columbia C A F F A B
C Georgia B D B C C D
C Washington B C D D C B
C Massachusetts D A F B A B
C Michigan C C B C C C
C Pennsylvania C B C C C D
C Texas A F C C D D
C North Dakota C C D B B C
C Alabama C C A C D F
C Illinois C C C C C C
C Rhode Island D A D C B C
C Vermont D B D C B A
C Colorado C D D B C A
C Kentucky D B A C D D
C Maine D A C D C C
C Ohio C C B D C D
C Indiana C C C C C D
C Maryland D B D C A C
C North Carolina C C C C D C
C Connecticut F A D B B B
C Montana C D C C D B
C Louisiana C C B D F D
D Florida C C C D F C
D Mississippi C D A C F F
D West Virginia D B B C D F
D Oklahoma C D B D D D
D Oregon D C C D C B
D South Carolina C D B D D D
D Arizona C F C C D B
D Hawaii F C F B A A
D Alaska D C F C C B
D Nevada C F C F C C
F Arkansas D D A D F F
F California F D D B C A
F New Mexico C F C F F C
F New Jersey F C D F B C
F New York F B F F C C

The chart above measures LPL’s retirement index, which ranks U.S. States on their appeal to pre-retirees as they prepare for retirement. It provides an overall score, generated from the average of scores on various factors that appeal to pre-retirees. These factors include: financial, healthcare, housing, community quality of life, employment and education, and wellness.

Of the 50 States and the District of Columbia, the overall score breakdown was: 5 with an ‘A’, 9 with a ‘B’, 22 with a ‘C’, 10 with a ‘D’, and 5 with an ‘F’.

New Jersey scored the highest in the “Employment and Education” category, with a ‘B’. New Jersey also earned a ‘C’ in both “Healthcare” and “Wellness”.

New Jersey earned an ‘F’ score overall.

Source: LPL Financial, “LPL Research Retirement Index: State-By-State Holistic View Into Pre-Retiree Landscape”. June 2015. Accessed April 2016. http://static.contentres.com/media/documents/13539497-9364-4fde-b9a3-cd4cfc045c82.pdf