NJ Stats: Estate and Inheritance Tax Policies by State, 2016

State Estate Tax Policy Inheritance Tax Policy
Connecticut Up to 12%. Starts at $2M. N/A
Delaware Up to 16%. Starts at federal threshold; $5.43M for 2015.  N/A
Hawaii Up to 15.7%. Starts at $5.43M. N/A
Illinois Up to 16%. Starts at $4M. Taxable estates between $4M and $5.43M (federal estate tax threshold for 2015) owe an Illinois estate tax without any corresponding Federal estate tax charges. N/A
Iowa N/A Up to 15%. Exemption amounts depend upon the relationship of the recipient or benficiary to the decedent. 
Kentucky N/A Up to 16%. All Class A beneficiaries are exempt if date of death is after June 30, 1998; Class B beneficiaries: $1,000 exemption; Class C beneficiaries: $500 exemption.
Maine Up to 12%. Starts at $2M. N/A
Maryland Up to 16%. Starts at $1.5M in 2015; $2M in 2016; exclusion will have phased increase to $3M in 2017 and $4M in 2018; after January 1, 2019, will increase to match federal exclusion.  Up to 10%.
Massachusetts Up to 16%. Starts at $1M.  N/A
Minnesota Up to 16%. Starts at $1.4M in 2015; exemption amount increases by $200,000 per year until it reaches $2M in 2018.  N/A
Nebraska N/A Up to 18%. Immediate relatives: $40K exemption; Remote relatives: $15K exemption; Non-relatives: $10K exemption
New Jersey Up to 16%. Starts at $675,000.  Up to 16%. Starts at $500. 
New York Up to 16%. Starts at $3.125M (for April 1, 2015-April 1, 2016); after January 1, 2019, exclusion will match the federal amount in given year.  N/A
Oregon Up to 16%. Starts at $1M.  N/A
Pennsylvania N/A Up to 15%. Does not apply to businesses under $5 million and less than 50 employees; business must have been open for 5 years at time of decedent’s death; business must continue to to be owned by a family member for at least 7 years after decedent’s date of death.
Rhode Island Up to 16%. Starts at $1.5M. Inflation will be accounted for starting in 2016.  N/A
Tennessee N/A Up to 9.5%. Starts at $5M in 2015; tax will not apply to estates of decedents dying in 2016 or thereafter.
Vermont Up to 16%. Starts at $2.75M N/A
Washington Up to 20%. Filing threshold is $2M; applicable exclusion rate for 2015 is $2.054M and for 2016 is $2.078M N/A

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