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This privacy statement was last updated on Tuesday, July 6, 2016.

The NJ PRO Foundation, Inc. is an independent body governed by an independent Board of Trustees. As a result, NJPRO is a nonpartisan, tax-exempt organization that depends on the support of corporations, individuals and foundations for its income without accepting any government funding. We at NJPRO ask that, before you continue to use our site, you take the time to read over our Privacy Statement. Continuing to utilize the NJPRO website is acknowledgment that you have read this statement and that you agree to our terms of use, as well our policies on the subjects listed below.

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Terms of Use

NJPRO is an online researchers’ resource. We encourage you to copy, download and utilize the information we make available to you. However, some of the information on this website is protected under US copyright. If the intent of the user is to duplicate any information in whole or in part for use in a publication, online website, or any other medium, we require that a notification e-mail first be sent to the NJPRO Foundation so that we may grant permission for such use. If you plan to publish any information from this site, please contact Vincent Civitillo.


NJPRO utilizes cookies as a method of tracking information on visitation data. No personally-identifiable information on NJPRO’s website visitors is viewed or stored by NJPRO.

Privacy Policy

Using its site meter, NJPRO will keep a record of the number of people who visit the NJPRO website and access its individual features. No personally identifiable information will be tracked or stored by NJPRO. Should this policy change at any point, we will update this section of the Privacy Statement immediately for your notification.


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