NJPRO and Seton Hall announce the 2013 Bright Idea Award Winners and release their Annual Compilation

Contact: Sara Bluhm, 609-858-9514

The best and the brightest of New Jersey-based academic research as it relates to business was on display October 25, when the NJPRO Foundation and the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University presented the New Jersey Bright Idea Awards to the authors of the 10 best papers. Raritan Valley Community College hosted the event.

NJPRO and the Stillman School also released a compilation of the winning papers entitled Publications of New Jersey’s Business Faculty.

The Bright Idea Awards celebrates scholarly research on business-related issues that are relevant and educational to New Jersey firms,” said Sara Bluhm, executive director of NJPRO. “Our economy is becoming increasingly knowledge-based. To keep up, businesses must continually put new ideas to work. By highlighting some of the best business research in the state, we hope to foster the kind of environment where innovation can flourish.”

Faculty members from business schools within colleges and universities around the state are recognized each year in seven different areas.

Together, the NJPRO Foundation and the Stillman School of Business have compiled the research works of New Jersey business faculty published since 2004, ultimately bringing the business and academic communities together. To be selected for the publication, articles must not only be scholarly, but relevant for New Jersey’s employer.

To ensure the publications intellectual integrity, applicants can only submit articles that have already appeared in books or published journals within any business discipline. These submissions are then judged by a panel of academic and business professionals. Works can also incorporate multiple authorships, provided that at least one author is a member of a business department or business college in New Jersey.

From these articles, a distinguished panel of deans and business people chose certain articles as “Bright Ideas Awards,” recognizing outstanding research within the volume.

The Bright Idea Awardees:

For the twelfth year in a row, NJPRO and the Stillman School have worked to promote the business intellectual capital at business colleges within New Jersey through this event and publication. This collaboration is a natural fit for both organizations. The NJPRO Foundation educates decision makers and the business community about important policy issues of the day and their possible impact on the business world. While the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University seeks to improve the learning environment of students and faculty and to enhance the effectiveness of business organizations.

The goals of the organizations are to help the business community and government leaders better understand the business community through with scholarly and creditable research. Therefore the publication is made available to the public and can be found on the NJPRO Foundation website. Photos and a copy of the event program can be also found on the NJPRO Facebook page. The Foundation and Business School would like to thank everyone who participated and would like to congratulate all of the winners.

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