Sustainability for Business

This NJPRO report, Sustainability for Business, offers a primer on the sustainability landscape facing New Jersey companies today. We take a look at some pathways for transforming your company that can improve your competitiveness, increase your ability to innovate, grow profitability and benefit the planet as well. It also covers some of the pitfalls to avoid. Many of the socially responsible practices outlined in the report are things that a lot of companies are already doing. That’s because sustainability makes a lot of business sense – it’s about treating employees and suppliers well, being efficient with energy and resources, and providing excellent products and services to consumers. In reality, being sustainable is about being an efficient and effective company.

Implementing environmentally sustainable policies can help businesses cut operating costs by saving money on things like energy consumption. It also creates a work environment where employees learn to anticipate market trends and industry regulations. And many businesses are finding that sustainable practices are making them more competitive.

In other words, environmental sustainability is about a lot more than protecting the environment.

Sustainability for Business discusses several opportunities for companies to implement sustainable policies, such as reducing energy consumption or eliminating waste. It also shows how such policies reduce risk, make them more competitive, and promote innovation, both in new operations and new products and services. This report also features case studies and a checklist to help companies identify where to begin.

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