Facts for Discussion

September 2015
Manufacturing in New Jersey (PDF, 290 KB)

November 2014
New Jersey: An Outlier in Death Examining the Estate and Inheritance Taxes (PDF, 276 KB)

May 2012
Why Manufacturing Counts in NJ (PDF, 2.07 MB)

April 2010
Taxes and Fees in Your Electric Bill: How They Increase Energy Prices in NJ (PDF, 169 KB)

December 2008
Why Manufacturing Counts in NJ (PDF, 280 KB)

March 2008
NJ’s Tax Climate – How Taxes are Affecting NJ’s Industrial, Commercial and Small Business Sectors (PDF, 261 KB)

October 2007
Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey (PDF, 236 KB)

July 2007
High Healthcare Costs in New Jersey (PDF, 274 KB)

March 2007
NJ’s Business Climate: How Policy and Perception Are Affecting New Jersey’s High-Tech and Manufacturing Sectors (PDF, 125 KB)

September 2006
NJ Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund: Diverted Revenues, Low Balance Threaten Fund’s Health (PDF, 157 KB)

January 2005
NJ State Budget: 50 Years of Spending (PDF, 157 KB)

April 2004
NJ School Board Elections: Who Cares? (PDF, 255 KB)